Sport is passion above all else. A determination you impose on yourself to want to be the best and to go to the limits of the challenges you set. Thanks to technology, the Compex mi-Sport adapts automatically to your physiology and to your personal needs. It enhances all your fitness and training regiments with advanced engineering.

Its interactive training planner DVD creates a unique and personal training programme adapted to your current physical condition and to your needs for the competitions to come.

  • Equipped with the mi-SENSOR to automatically sense and personalized your training sessions according to your physiology.
  • 5 levels of progression to keep you challenged and help you improve session after session.
  • 4 channels provide comprehensive training for the whole body.
  • 8 categories of programmes: warm-up, sport, recovery cross-training, pain relief, rehabilitation, test, conditioning.
  • LCD screen with back lighting for easy readability in all circumstances.
  • Easy Snap connection system makes it easy to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand by just pressing it on (even for your back!).


» Compex mi-Sport (2.3 MB)

Training programmes

» Cycling (39 KB)
» Running (39 KB)
» Triathlon (39 KB)

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Herman Maier about Compex mi-Sport

Hermann Maier

Alpine ski racer, Olympic Champion, 3 World Championship titles

I never thought I would win again so quickly. It's probably my greatest victory. Compex has always been an important part of my training routine; but since the accident, Compex became a critical element in getting me back on track to compete at a world-class level. The Compex programs helped me to regain my lost muscle strength during the enforced training break. After which I got back to using my favorite workout programs on my Compex mi-Sport.
Justin Henin about Compex mi-Sport

Justin Henin

Professional tennis player, Olympic Champion, 41 WTA singles titles

Compex mi-Sport enables me to train longer and with greater intensity. It is remarkable. I would not have thought that this small device was so powerful!